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    Foundation and Retrofitting

    Our company also specializes as foundation contractors. We can work as a foundation company providing retrofitting services, foundation repairs and more. If you are looking for assistance with repairing your foundation or helping with retrofitting your foundation for improvements in the future, contact us now.

    As your foundation settles over time it can start to compromise areas of your property for drainage, structural support and more. Through our foundation support we can deliver successful experiences in restoration, repairs and expansions.

    ECONSTRUCTION has provided solutions in foundation expansion that can be perfect for expanding and renovating your home or your commercial space. We can make sure that any type of foundation extension can be done according to code and with full permits available.

    We can also provide assistance with waterproofing and structural repairs. Our company has years of successful experience in retrofitting and foundation assistance. We can provide anything from installing new waterproofing membranes to consulting and inspections for window well and excavation, sump pump installation and more.


    We have structural engineering support and design experience that can help you get environmental and structurally responsible foundation repairs. We want to keep your business as safe as possible and provide the help of foundation that will keep your property its best for years to come.

    As foundation repairs will be needed as your home continues to settle and age, it is important to have a foundation expert that can help you with repair items along the way. Contact our staff members today to help you learn more about foundations and retrofitting for your property.

    ECONSTRUCTION can help to provide the best in structural support and green building materials for your foundation repairs. Our staff are available today to help with any of the repair, retrofitting or foundation tasks that you may have.